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Zambala Purifying Earth products (Eco-Hitech)


Zambala Purifying Earth products

Detergent Revolution:

  Petrochemical detergents are one of the biggest necessities for daily life worldwide; the necessities naturally exist in every family and business (including medical, pharmaceutics, agriculture, pasturage, aquaculture, food, electronically).

  But after long term tests and trials by the UN WHO and some countries such as some European countries , America, Japan (especially Japan) in these 10 years have proved that after half centuries of long term usage of petrochemical detergents, has become the biggest threat to the earth's environment and human health.
  1. Threat to the earth environment:

    1. The UN has publicly proved 70% of the polluting sources of the rivers, water sources, and soil is by the usage and discharge of petrochemical detergents.

    2. The long-term pollution of household water waste discharge has changed the clean and pure nature in to pollute and stanching acidic environment, thus form the breeding ground for the virus and germ.
  2. Threat to human health:

    1. Cancerous human cells: a new cancer patient every 12 minutes, a cancer patient dies every 20 minutes on average.

    2. Abnormal human gene: 2 to 3 out of 100 newborns are born with deformity.

    3. After being invaded by the petrochemical compounds on human skin for a long time, the antibodies in the immune system have been destroyed; therefore the skin will be infected by all kinds of viruses and germs. easily

      (Above information come from the Executive Yuan, the Department of Health,Taiwan)
  Around the world, every government admits the existence of this phenomenon, but no one could stop or change the dependence and usage on petrochemical detergents. People even suppose the contamination from the petrochemical detergents is an unavoidable and common fact, human could have no alternative.

  What worries us is, if every family member in this world continuously and largely discharge the household water waste with petrochemical detergents, pollute rivers and the earth, harm the environment, we don't know how much time and space of this world can keep taking these destroy pollution disaster, and how our future generation could survive.

  Though we can finish all the straightening work for all this pollution on the earth, we at least should be responsible to stop the petrochemical detergent pollution of the half-century, and we should spare no effort on:
  1. Stopping the petrochemical detergents pollution worsening
  2. Working hard on purifying the existing pollution

  These are the only ways to save humankind and the world. We believe using the resource from the nature will be the only way to save this petrochemical-detergent-polluted earth.

  *It is a global generally acknowledged fact that petrochemical detergents have made the pollution and harm, therefore every government has set a large number of budgets to straighten the pollution by petrochemical detergent. But like in the 1993 "Global Environmental protection conference" of the United Nations World Health Organization in Rio De Jabneiro, has publicly announced "all the efforts on straightening will never catch up the speed of pollution", thus the value of "Zambala cleaning elements" is beyond comparison , and will practically contribute to this world.

*The contribution of "Our Eco-hitch products"
  1. Better advantages than the current petrochemical detergents on market: "with the effect of safe, clean and pure, sterilizing, deodorizing, antiseptic"
  2. Completely break the disadvantages of current petrochemical detergents, and accomplish the competitive advantage of non-poisoning, non-polluting, convenient, and cheap.
The comparison of Zambala cleaning elements and petrochemical detergents.

  Zambala cleaning elements Petrochemical synthetic detergent
1.Safety and health Have been tested & approved by all kinds of tests, the oral test on acute poisoning & skin test on stimulating show the natural quality will not harm human and the skin, protect family members health from the harm on human cells and genes by petrochemical detergents. From the United Nations announcement and many tests by Japan 30 years ago, proved the long term usage of petrochemical detergent will cause its components remain in human bodies, & affect the organisms & human by:
  1. Cancerous Cells
  2. AbnormalDNA & genes
  3. All kinds of skin disease & infections
2.Environment protection Highly bio-degradable: more than 99%
  1. Will not pollute the soil & water
  2. Purify existed pollution
  3. Practice the "protecting environment" action from every family
  4. Stop "the polluting sources of petrochemical detergents" discharging from household plumbing to rivers and soil
The World Health Organization has proved the pollution from petrochemical detergents to the soil & water, is more than any other pollution, & will cause environment acidify, stagnant, stink, organisms deformity.
3.Environment hygiene
  1. Through all kinds of tests, it was proved that the eco-hitech has a highly bio-degradable character, & has fast & strong sterilizing, antiseptic, deodorizing effects. No need to take the side effect from antibiotics.
  2. Build up an environmentally friendly, non-poisoning, healthy, clean & pure, hygienic environment
  3. Prevent viruses, germs, insects propagation
The remainder of petrochemical detergents will acidify & stagnant the environment, form the breeding bed for viruses & germs, cause all kind of infectious diseases on humans and skin.
4.Save Energy Can obviously save water, electricity, time, labor on using process, & accomplish sterilizing, antiseptic, deodorizing effects on washing. This will save the duplicate labor, time, electricity, water & materials. When using petrochemical detergents, people will worry the remainders & use of lots of water on rinsing, & waste large qty. of labor, electricity, time , and need to repeatedly do sterilizing, antiseptic, deodorizing.
5.Cleaning effect
  1. Eco-hitch has the omni bearing, multifunctional, highly efficient washing effect
  2. Protect the sheen on materials
  1. Works through strong penetrating effect
  2. Harm the surface of materials easily
  3. Need additive to make it look clean.
6.Expense Highly concentrated, strong washing effect, and can be diluted for all other purpose detergent, the total expense is 1/2 of the ordinary detergents Need to buy many different kinds of detergents
7.Resourse influence
  1. Will not add the economical loading on person, family, society, and country, after changing to use eco-hi-tech, people can easily accomplish:
    a. Stop polluting
    b. Purify environment
    c. Keep environment & personal hygiene
    d. Improve all the effects at the same time, no need to repeat the process
  2. Save all kinds of resources, and large amount of money on straighten the pollution, and the insurance expenses at the same time
  1. Need to spend large amount of money on straightening the pollution, which might influence national economical development, and the worse is the straightening speed could never reach that of the pollution, thus the environment is always in a worsening status.
  2. Increasing the medical expense on insurances:
    a. Cancer cells , especially cervical cancer & Breast cancer.
    b. Abnormal newborns increase rapidly
    c. All kinds of skin diseases
    d. Newborns lie in an environment full of petrochemical detergents, which will speed up their internal and external physical development
  3. Have to face the loading of stinking drains & straightening rivers
  4. The acidic soil can not be improved
  5. Reservoirs need to repeatedly use sterilizing agents, which will cause a vicious circle
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